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      With extra virgin olive oil you can dare
      and even replace Nutella


      Using extra virgin olive oil as tradition, in recipes and stereotyped dishes, is too trivial for you? Then you can think of innovating, maybe by preparing a simple spread chocolate and hazelnut cream, healthy and very tasty, in a few minutes.

      “Take some calamari .. Mince pepper, honey, salsa, sweet boiled wine and oil drops. To serve with “carrots” in a different way. You will cook the boiled and sliced ​​carrots in the cumin sauce with little oil and serve it ”

      These recipes are certainly not mine, but of Marco Gavio Apicio, who was a gourmet of ancient Rome and lived on horseback between the 1st century BC. and the first century AD, described as a lover of glamour and luxury, an authority of the gastronomy of the time.

      At that time, strong and salty sauces were used to give flavour to dishes, perhaps to overcome the lack of quality or low conservability of raw materials. Although the judgment on olive oil was already very high, it was used with parsimony, with the right respect, was already considered a medicine but was also used as a seasoning.

      Has something changed over the centuries? Cultural baggage is crucial to our choices, I do not want to impose my convictions, it is only a matter of awareness. The fried breakfast donuts of my childhood are no longer the same as they are no longer fried in lard.

      Knowing that extra virgin olive oil is healthier than other hydrogenated oils or fats, why not prefer it? Are not we used to using it? Do not we know how to use it? No! It is a new product with thousands of shades (it has evolved) and belongs to tradition, transmits emotions. We must know it! It is part of our culture, there is a culinary tradition still in use in the Mediterranean on olive oil. Grandma’s donut was made with lard or oil.

      We must not invent anything!

      At Apici’s time they were more aware … is it ever possible?

      It’s industrial marketing that drives us into using hydrogenated or low-nutritional fats, but procures high profits with low cost.

      The key word is to harmonize, experiment, use healthy and useful products to our health.

      My generation grew up with a well-known spread cream, which is made with refined palm oil, now they say it’s sustainable and cold-pressed …. It is not the presence of palm oil that disturbs me, is refined, manipulated, deprived of all the good part of the fruit, transforming it into a mere pliable lubricant. I do not want to be molded!

      I have the great responsibility to educate my daughter for a proper nutrition (even in my grandmother’s memory, she made us  sweets with healthy products), which is not always easy against advertising commonplace and fashion. Have you ever tried to make yourself a chocolate cream at home with extra virgin olive oil? I did!


      • Toasted and peeled hazelnuts 160gr
      • Dark Chocolate 150gr
      • Honey flowers 40gr
      • Extra virgin olive oil Villa Magra -150gr
      • A Green Banana

      Procedure: Grind finely hazelnuts in the blender, add 100gr of oil, green banana and whip until cream is obtained. Dissolve the chocolate with the remaining oil and blend the two parts in the blender in a homogeneous manner. To make it softer, add more oil. If the banana has left you a bit surprised, think that fine palm oil has been used so far: a lubricant!

      by Piero Palanti
      published November 10th 2016 in Racconti > A regola d’arte

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      and even replace Nutella
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