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      Villa Magra Grand Cru is “The Best Olive Oil of Italy 2023”

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      Montenero d’Orcia, lì 04/12/2022

      The dinner edicated to the Wine Oscars of the Bibenda Guide was held in Rome on December the 3rd 2022. A Grand Gala dedicated to Italian wine excellence, carefully selected according to the School and Method of the Italian Sommelier Foundation, and which saw the ten best wines of Italy on the podium.

      Among the guests of honor of the event:
      – Berta distillery from Piedmont, with the best Grappa in Italy,
      – Casa Vissani, as Best Restaurant in Italy
      – The Frantoio Franci di Montenero d’Orcia in Tuscany, with the best extra virgin olive oil of Italy
      – Vincenzo Mercurio, Best Winemaker
      – Maria Stella Pileggi’s Belsito Enoteca in Rome, Best Enoteca
      – Stefano Milioni, Best Wine Writer

      “Offering excellent products year after year and always guaranteeing constant quality is the aim of our work. Receiving this award is indeed a confirmation, but above all an encouragement. I speak of courage because to offer absolute quality, competence and experience are sometimes not enough.” Says Giorgio Franci, owner of Frantoio Franci. “The 2022 Harvest Campaign has just ended, one of the most difficult I can remember. The changeability of the climateis makes very complex and variable nature condition, and that’s why arrived in mid-October with the planning of the Harvest totally upset. While on the one hand the numerous requests from customers waiting for the new oil pressed for rapid times, on the other hand the anomalous temperatures, too warm for the period, suggested waiting. We therefore chose to slow down production and waited, risking, for the optimal harvesting moment, to offer an excellent new oil in a very difficult year. At what price? High, lost sales have been many. But those who choose Franci oils must have no doubts, every bottle must be perfect. For this reason, seeing our oil awarded as the only extra virgin olive oil and as Best in Italy makes us proud and for this we sincerely thank Bibenda.”

      But it is not the first time that the Villa Magra Grand Cru accompanies names of great wines, a curious story in fact dates back to 2003. After winning the international oil tasting reserved for the best extra virgin olive oils in the world organized by the Grand Jury Européen in Château Branire, the president of the Grand Jury Européen François Mauss proposed and organized an equal exchange between 100 bottles of Villa Magra Gran Cru oil, winner of the oil tasting, with 100 bottles of great Bordeaux wines, including Latour, Lafite, Petrus, Cheval Blanc.

      It is therefore no coincidence that the Villa Magra Grand Cru was chosen for the Opera Olei Project. A consortium that brings together six producers of monocultivar extra virgin olive oil among the best in the area. Excellent interpreters of a cultivation and production system focused on quality. A mission, a project, a highly innovative communication, marketing and sales strategy with the aim of fueling awareness and knowledge of the world of EVO oil.
      The companies and oils of the Opera Olei Consortium:
      – Olearia San Giorgio, L’Ottobratico
      – Agraria Riva del Garda, 46′ parallelo
      – Frantoi Cutrera, Primo
      – Viola, Il Sincero
      – Frantoio Franci, Villa Magra Grand Cru
      – Mimì, Coratina
      The president of the Consortium: Riccardo Scarpellini, F.J.Thytherleight

      The Villa Magra Grand Cru is the absolute excellence of the Frantoio Franci production, a summit of elegance, complexity, structure and persistence. Obtained only from the best olives of the Frantoio variety, produced in numbered bottles. The nose is elegant and complex, embellished with floral and black cherry nuances that open to fresh notes of green almond, kiwi and artichoke; on the palate it is broad, sweet at the opening, pleasant and well-dosed bitter charge, progressively increasing piquancy, excellent harmony and complexity, long persistence of aromatic notes. Exceptional on tuna or salmon tartare, highly recommended on beef tartare.

      BIBENDA www.bibenda.it
      OPERA OLEI www.operaolei.it

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