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      Rose Grand Cru Olivastra Seggianese

      ROSE 1200X630

      Not Available Harvest 2022

      Rose Grand Cru is an exclusive selection of Olivastra Seggianese olives coming from a single olive grove of centuries-old trees.  A very limited production, whose scent is characterized by clear notes of rose petal. Excellent on oysters.

      • Extra Virgin Olive Oil: “Rose Grand Cru Olivastra Seggianese”
      • Harvest year: –
      • Cultivar: Olivastra Seggianese 100%
      • Harvest system: manual with facilitators
      • Harvest time: mainly in the months of October and November
      • Extraction system: Franci Oil-mill, modern continuous system
      • Appearance: clear and filtered
      • Density: medium fluidity
      • Colour: golden yellow
      • Fragrance: Net olive fruity scent, fresh and delicate characteristic of Olivastra, pungent vegetal aromas and strong floral notes of rose petal.
      • Taste: Delicate, with balanced herbaceous and fruit fragrances, it starts with a sweet base followed by a spicy charge of medium intensity.
      • Use: Raw on carpaccio and fish tartare and on delicate dishes. Excellent on Oyster Royale.



      Harvest 2020

      • Top Score 95/100, Olivastra Seggianese Rose Grand Cru, Extravoglio Guide 2021
      • Grande Olio Award, Rose Olivastra Seggianese, “Guida agli Extravergini”, Slow Food Editore 2021
      • Tre Foglie, Rose Monocultivar Olivastra Seggianese, Gambero Rosso Guide Oli d’Italia 2021
      • 5 Gocce Award– Rose Grand Cru – Guide “L’Olio”, Bibenda Editore 2021

      Harvest 2017

      • “Extra Quality Olive Oil” Mention, Rose Grand Cru Olivastra Seggianese – Il Magnifico 2018 National Competition
      • 3 Foglie Rosse, Rose Grand Cru Olivastra Seggianese, Guide “Olii d’Italia”, Gambero Rosso 2018
      • 5 Gocce Award – Rose Grand Cru Olivastra Seggianese – Guide “L’Olio”, Bibenda Editore 2018
      • Top Score 95/100, Rose Olivastra Seggianese, Extravoglio Guide 2018
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