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      Top score 100/100 to Frantoio Franci by Flos Olei Guide 2020.

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      Oinos 2020

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      It seems clear the one of Giorgio Franci, Frantoio Franci’s owner, world leader in the production of quality extra virgin olive oil. From Montenero d’Orcia, a small village in the heart of Tuscany, the Frantoio Franci has traced the path for all those producers who wanted to do of the oil an art.

      Years of commitment and sacrifice that have changed the perception of evoo in Italy and in the world, giving an imitating value to this yellow gold that has become a gourmet ingredient of our daily lives. To crown the years of continous work, an extraordinary recognition arrived, the entry, thanks to the top score of 100/100, in the Hall of Fame of the Flos Olei 2020 Guide, an exclusive category reserved only for 7 of the over 500 selected companies worldwide.

      Giorgio Franci collected the award in Rome on Friday 6 December 2019, an important occasion also because the 20th year in which the prestigious guide reviewed the company has been celebrated.

      Every year Flos Olei increasingly assumes a strategic role for importers from all over the world and the dinner was attended by the primary buyer from China, Taiwan, Japan, Uckraina, the United States and Europe. Here, in an international climate, Frantoio Franci, the outgoing “Farm of the Year”, has once again surpassed its records.

      4 times Farm of the Year, 13 times in the Top 20 of the Guide, up to a level sui generis that include all the categories in one, the excellence in a red glass, symbol of the Hall of Fame. It then becomes clear what Giorgio Franci’s vocation is: high quality extra virgin olive oil. A passion that evolves into inspiration when you have the humility to question yourself and know that you can always improve. An inspiration that becomes an ever-growing experience and who knows where Frantoio Franci can still take it.

      What is Flos Olei? It is the first international guide dedicated to oil production companies all over the world. The oils are selected with rigorous criteria by a panel of expert tasters coordinated by Marco Oreggia, curator and editor of the volume. Made in two languages ​​(Italian-English and Italian-Chinese), the Guide presents the best 500 producers from 52 selected countries on 5 continents. Italy and Spain have
      a regional olive mapping, accompanied by historical, cultural information, production data, typical varieties and areas protected by denomination. It is possible to enter Guide with a minimum score of 85 points, the maximum score, from 2019, is 100/100.

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