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      Harvest 2020 by Giorgio Franci


      Oinos – anno IX, n.2

      Listening to the silence of the countryside, we feel the great need for an interior dialogue that brings us back to a respectful reorganization in our lives. We are all looking for something, someone. “We try to”, because in 2020 everyone has lost something important.

      This year we have worked with one more intention, wanting to represent a sign of closeness for our customers, researching and offering the tastes that make them feel loved. We have never stopped, also thanks to the support of those who have always believed in our work.

      scalaIn the field we have dedicated ourselves to our olive groves through careful monitoring and constant and timely interventions. The weather has been on our side, offering the best possible conditions for a harvest we are very proud of. We get yields lower than usual, but compensated by a quality with few precedents. “Delicate”, light fruity, pleasantly green to the scent, fresh, harmonious, clean. Excellent on delicate dishes and on truffles. With well balanced spicy and bitter notes, “Le Trebbiane” is an extremely versatile medium fruitiness, ideal on autumn dishes. The “Villa Magra“, intense fruity, offers an extremely balanced spicy and bitter taste, a balance that finds its best expression on red meats and savory sauces. This year the Cru line is characterized by a high complexity, given by a careful study. Of “Rose“, the light fruity monocultivar of Olivastra Seggianese, few bottles are available, on the other hand nature has been generous, giving a surprising bouquet of floral scents. Excellent on Oyster Royale. The “Moraiolo” has an extreme balance between bitterness and spicy, excellent on autumn soups and red meat tartare. The “Villa Magra Grand Cru” leads to a real reflection, to listening to delicate notes of red fruit, which open to a fresh taste of almond and artichoke, closes with an elegant spicy and long persistence. We recommend it on white rice and Parmesan, but also on bruschetta with flakes of aged pecorino. Excellent to accompany sushi, with or without wasabi, and on traditional Tuscan dishes.

      We tasted, studied and wanted extra
      virgin which were above all flusso“magnifying” of flavors and offer the customer more than a cuddle, the attention that makes the difference. A way of taking care of others and of ourselves, giving harmony to our days. This is why quality is so important to us, it is not just a question of goodness, but of emotion.

      This commitment to the culture of extra virgin olive oil has also brought great satisfaction: Gambero Rosso’s Star and access for two consecutive years to the Flos Olei Guide Hall of Fame with a score of 100/100! Both awards for the consistency with which we have offered the highest quality, year after year. Awards that are even more important when, as in our case, they are supported by the esteem of our customers, to whom we always dedicate our greatest pride.

      To conclude, faced with the fears that this year has brought about, we reacted by enriching our identity with a new company logo.WhatsApp Image 2020-12-05 at 16.28.02
      Anyone who has visited the Frantoio will surely have impressed the tasting room, in classic Tuscan style and which was once an old barn, with a very characteristic long brick wall. I was here, at the end of a tasting session when, accompanied in the background by the noise of the machines downstairs, I found myself with my eyes immersed in this brick wall, thinking. This wall has always been here, yet only now do I realize how the interlocking of the bricks is a texture, a repetition of “F”. A letter that has always been recurring for us: Franci Family, Founders Franco and Fernando Franci (my uncle and my father), Frantoio Franci.

      In this moment of introspection I felt I wanted to express all this in a new logo, representative of my family and our work: two “Fs” that embrace, fit together and form a brick, to tell how from the stability of our Family may have been born what we are today.bianco-tuscany

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