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      Warm octopus and pumpkin salad


      Serves 6
      • 1 kg octopus well cleaned
      • 500 g pumpkin
      • a rib of celery
      • bottle of white wine
      • garlic (optional)
      • black pepper grains
      • parsley
      • white vinegar
      • salt
      • Villa Magra EVOO


      Quickly wash the octopus under running fresh water; put it in a pressure cooker and add some grains of black pepper, celery and half litre of white wine. Cook for 20 minutes (in a regular sauce pan it would take around 40 minutes). When the octopus is ready, let it cool completely in its liquid, so to keep it tender.
      Meanwhile, clean the pumpkin and cut it into cubes (not too small). Cook the pumpkin in a pan of water brought to a boil, adding salt and few drops of vinegar; boil it for few minutes, five will be sufficient to make it nice and slightly crunchy. Now, remove the octopus from the pan and cut it into 1 inch pieces. In a bowl, mix together the octopus and the pumpkin cubes. Season with salt and freshly minced parsley; add the smashed garlic and a generous helping of Villa Magra. Mix well and serve still warm. 

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