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      Giorgio Franci introduce new Frantoio Franci logo


      “Anyone who has visited our mill will surely have imprinted the tastings room, in classic Tuscan style and which was once an old barn, with a very characteristic long brick wall.

      I was here, at the end of a tasting session when, accompanied in the background by the noise of the machines downstairs, I found myself with my eyes immersed in this brick wall, thinking.
      This wall has always been here, but only now  I realize how the interlocking bricks are a texture, a repetition of “F”.
      A letter that has always been recurring for us:
      – Franci Family,
      – Founders Franco and Fernando Franci (my uncle and my father)
      – Frantoio Franci.
      In this moment of introspection, I felt I wanted to express all this in a new logo, representative of my family and our work: two “F” that embrace, fit together and form a wall, to tell how from the stability of our Family have been born what we are today.
      So I am glad introduce to you the new Frantoio Franci logo ”.

      Giorgio Franci, November the 14th 2020bianco-tuscany

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