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      Frantoio Franci receive the Star by Gambero Rosso

      Giorgio Franci-fiera

      Oinos 2020

      “Villa Magra Grand Cru” is the Best Monocultivar 2020. Gambero Rosso “Oils of Italy” still rewards Frantoio Franci, which is the first Tuscan company to receive the ‘Star’.

      In the 2020 edition of Italian Oils Guide, Gambero Rosso has reserved a first-class place for Frantoio Franci, giving it three important awards.

      Villa Magra Grand Cru is the oil of honor of this edition and receives the Special Award for 2020 Best Monocultivar and the ‘Three Leaves’, an excellent score for the oils reviewed.

      The real novelty is the Special Award, the ‘Star’, which, as well as for the ‘Italian Wines Guide’, Gambero Rosso assigns to the companies that for 10 consecutive years reach the maximum score, the ‘Three Leaves’.

      Giorgio Franci is the first Tuscan producer to receive the ‘Star’, a special prize, pride of a few, which celebrates the ‘non plus ultra’ of Italian olive oil production.

      “Winning a competition is certainly a great satisfaction – explains Giorgio Franci – but receiving a prize for being able to stay at the top for so long is an extraordinary recognition, which pays back many sacrifices and gives absolute value to work, to passion , to pursuit, to the constant commitment to improve that we all have, every day in the company. These awards have been a real ray of sunshine in this difficult period for all humanity and are a strong encouragement to move forward, a stimulation to improve again and again. For Frantoio Franci excellence is not a goal, but a way of thinking, of working, of relating with others. We are on the edge of a desirable change in our food culture – Franci concludes – we will return to giving value to agriculture and to those who take care of the land; quality of food and quality food will be precious resources on which we could focus to start again. “

      The good news came from Stefano Polacchi, editor of Gambero Rosso’s ‘Guide to Italian Oils’:
      “Dear Giorgio, with immense pleasure I inform you that your Extra Virgin, VILLA MAGRA GRAND CRU MONOCULTIVAR FRANTOIO has received the Special Award “Best Monocultivar 2020” in Gambero Rosso Italian Oils 2020 Guide. Your work, your company and your labels, therefore, represent the best of the best of Italian olive oil production for 2020. At Gambero Rosso we continue working to tell, select, certify, push the best made in Italy in the world. Best wishes from the bottom of our heart for everything! “

      Important confirmations therefore for the oil mill of Montenero d’Orcia, already Company of the Year in 2019 edition, which once again brings Tuscan excellence to the top of Gambero Rosso rankings.

      Year after year, Franci is in fact a recurring name in the most important national and international guides, demonstrating a fundamental truth: quality above all.

      At Frantoio Franci the gaze is oriented towards the future and the next harvest; the plants are treated with attention and dedication, trying to do everything possible, in the hope that next October they will be generous. In fact, nature goes on and the farmer who knows how to listen to his messages, now more than ever receives a stimulus of encouragement from the spring which, despite everything, blossoms.

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