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      Leone d’Oro 2021 to Frantoio Franci

      WhatsApp Image 2021-06-29 at 18.08.17

      Franci IGP Toscano Riserva, best Italian DOP / PGI 2021.

      “At the very beginning of our career, Leone d’Oro International was one of the first competitions wich valued the quality of our products.
      The first Leone d’Oro at Frantoio Franci dates back to 1999: it was our entry into the world of high quality oils, an indescribable emotion, the culmination of so much hard work and a driving force on the road to excellence. To collect this sixth Golden Lion makes us feel honored today as much as then and is a confirmation that yes, we are on the right path.

      A big thank you to Leone d’Oro International and Maria Paola Gabusi”

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