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      Franci again in the ‘Hall Of Fame’ of the Flos Olei 2021 Guide: the first fruit of the Harvest 2020, one of the best ever.


      Frantoio Franci this year will receive the ‘Red Glass’ again, reserved for companies in the ‘Hall Of Fame’ of the Flos Olei 2021 Guide, the Oscar to the Excellence.

      The world guide to high quality extra virgin olive oil curated by Marco Oreggia, rewards with this recognition those who have received awards of absolute value over time – Company of the Year, Best Oil of the Year, Best Production Method, Quality Award over Time – with the constant presence in “The Best”, the 20 best companies of the year according to ‘Flos Olei’. The ‘Hall Of Fame’ is not a foregone award, it is an extra step in excellence, in fact only six companies belong to it – of the over 500 selected in the world – to which a score of 100/100 is attributed.

      A recognition that makes Frantoio Franci – the first and only Tuscan company in the Hall Of Fame – a pride for Montenero d’Orcia, Monte Amiata, Maremma, Val d’Orcia, for those who love this territory and feel the duty to enhance and protect it.

      We are honored – explains Giorgio Franci – to see the value of our work still recognized with confirmation in the ‘Hall of Fame’. After the individual awards obtained over time, the confirmation of this result rewards continuity, it does not certify the work of a year, the quality of an oil, but the operating system as a whole, the quality of the global approach to our work, all the days, of each of us “.

      “We are talking about ‘operating system’ – continues Giorgio Franci – language that time has made us connect to machines and computers, but which we like to combine with the natural and human complexity of our ‘machine’, made by the people who work with us in the countryside, in the office, in the mill, who pursue excellence in every action, in rigor, in attention to detail, driven by great passion, every day “.

      “The agronomic treatments carried out for years are proving to be a real long-term investment oriented in a sustainable way to the environment and at the same time to the soil that is now rich in nutrients, alive and fertile. We believe it is of fundamental importance to keep the soil alive, which is why we prefer manure to chemical and, when necessary, bio defense techniques to make an important contribution to the environment. The key to sustainability, according to our experience, is applying a production and consumption model that involves reusing and recycling existing materials and products, for as long as possible. These treatments, combined with careful monitoring, favor the well-being of the plant in the long term. “

      Speaking of Tuscan olive groves, it is natural to wonder what the 2020 Harvest oil is like: “For us it turned out to be one of the best harvest ever, the low yields are offset by qualitative profiles of extreme elegance and complexity, the climatic trend has given a great contribution by offering optimal conditions and promoting the healthy development of the olives. “

      But looking ahead for the Franci family is a lifestyle and there is another good news: the new company logo, which draws strength from the past to face the future.

      “Anyone who has visited the Frantoio will surely have impinted the room dedicated to tastings, in classic Tuscan style and which was once an old barn, with a very characteristic long brick wall. I was here, at the end of a tasting session when, accompanied in the background by the noise of the machines downstairs, I found myself with my eyes immersed in this brick wall, thinking. This wall has always been here, but only now I realize how the interlocking of the bricks is a texture, a repetition of ‘F’. A letter that has always been recurring for us: Franci Family, Founders Franco and Fernando Franci (my uncle and my father), Frantoio Franci. I therefore felt I had to express all this in a new logo that summarizes all this: two ‘F’ that embrace, fit together and form a brick, to tell how the stability of our family could give birth to what we are today. “

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