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      Fiore del Frantoio

      FIO 1200X600
      • Extra Virgin Olive Oil: “Fiore del Frantoio”
      • Harvest year: 2022
      • Harvest system: manual with facilitators
      • Harvest time: mainly in the months of October and November
      • Extraction system: Franci Oil-mill, modern continuous system
      • Appearance: clear and filtered
      • Density: medium fluidity
      • Fragrance: light fruit, clear grassy scent of olives, with soft hints of ripe fruit and artichoke
      • Taste: clear, grassy, initially with a slight sweet sensation, followed by a pleasant and moderate level of slight spiciness.
      • Use: fresh on salads, bruschetta, pinzimonio, fish, for oil-preserved vegetables and mayonnaise. Excellent for sauces, for browning vegetables and for all fried foods.
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