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      “Villa Magra Grand Cru: . A “touchstone” for extra virgin olive oils obtained from the Cultivar Frantoio and a precious ally of Chefs, because it is satisfying and can enhance many dishes”

      “Oliocentrico”, May 2021

      “All the magnificent products of Frantoio Franci are the result of the special care and attention that during the year are reserved for both the countryside and the olive groves.”

      “La Tavolozza del Gusto”, November 2020

      “Undisputed point of reference for absolute quality, based on determination, passion, constant commitment to the selection of the best fruits from extraordinary olive groves handed down for generations, as well as the mill of advanced technology and “made to measure”. This is Giorgio Franci. “

      “Cucina & Vini”, September 2020

      “VILLA MAGRA has touched the emotional strings of our soul!
      Thanks for giving us such an intense emotion!”

      “L’Orciolo d’Oro”, July 2020

      “At a time when there is a particular need to reconcile us with the land, with the territories and with the great Italian agri-food products, a visit to the Franci family represents the best way to get to know the magical world of olive trees and oil up close”

      “Il Tirreno”, July 2020

      “Villa Magra Grand Cru – Having won more awards than any other olive oil brand in the world, Frantoio Franci (winning the Leone d’Oro prize three times) bills this as the top of the line. “

      “Forbes”, June 2020

      “Your work, your company and your labels, therefore, represent the best of the best of Italian olive growing for 2020 … We at Gambero Rosso continue to work to tell, select, certify, push the best made in Italy in world.”

      “Gambero Rosso”, March 2020

      “It is an extraordinary success story, consecrated by 530 among awards and recognitions on a national and international scale, the one Frantoio Franci is writing, located in Montenero d’Orcia (Castel del Piano) on the first slopes of Monte Amiata, one of the the most awarded producers in the world that gives prestige to the whole Maremma. “

      “Maremma Magazine”, August 2019

      “In Montenero the oil of the record, Leone d ‘Oro to Frantoio Franci. The mill was awarded for the fifth time with the prestigious award.
      In 2017 the en-plein of awards: enhanced product quality “

      “Il Tirreno”, July 2019

      “Your mill and your products are the highest level of expression that Italian quality olive cultivation offers. We are proud of it.”

      “Gambero Rosso”, February 2019

      “When the extra virgin olive oil is well balanced and it is produced with care, it is like wine, to be combined in various ways and according to the dish. The merit of the evolution of this precious product is to the producers who are engaged in its valorization , first of all Giorgio Franci, from Tuscany. “

      “Der Feinschmecker”, 13/2018

      “Perhaps the industry’s most lauded olive oil mill … they have succeeded in achieving their vision of producing the very finest of quality olive oils.”

      “HLM – Haute, Luxury, Mode”, March-April 2018

      “If perfection does not exist, excellence is a fact, and Frantoio Franci recognized this excellence as Marco Oreggia’s Guide Flos Olei 2018, which awarded him a score of 99 cents, a step away from perfection.”

      “La Nazione”, December 2017

      “A very good harvest for Frantoio Franci  and Top Results. […] Results given by constant work, regular monitoring and conscious agronomic choices “

      “Il Tirreno”, June 2017

      “Passion, competence, respect and genius the ingredients of a global excellence”

      “Cucina & Vini”, March 2016

      “At Frantoio Franci, Passion Runs in the Family With its ever-growing record of achievements and accolades, Frantoio Franci is a renowned family-run farm whose main assets are passion and devoted fieldwork.”

      “The Olive Oil Times”, August 2015

      “As an exceptional wine, a high quality extra virgin olive oil, it magnificently enriches even the simplest food; just cut a slice of tomato and add a thread of Villa Magra Grand Cru, this is paradise! “

      “Vin & Brennevin”, March 2015


      “For years Frantoio Franci has been delighting the palate with its oils ranging from light to intense fruitiness. The Tuscan mill with
      his Villa Magra makes us lose between scents of green almond, artichoke and freshly cut grass while the body taste and persistence are
      proud and decisive with balanced fresh notes of almond, artichoke and slight hint of black pepper. Excellent for pinzimonio. “

      “La Gazzetta dello Sport”, November 2013

      “ Two weeks ago we received the Olivastra Seggianese, Villa Magra and Villa Magra Grand Cru. After the reports of a dry fall and a difficult prodcution, we were worried the quality might be a little lower than usual. However, our expectations were brought to shame. We just love them. Giorgio, tu sei un mago! The Olivastra Seggianese smells and tastes of green apples. Wonderful! We think it is fantastic in this “soft” version. And the Villa Magra Grand Cru has reached a point of perfect harmony. Not quite as bitter and peppery as the Villa Magra, but more complex, richer and longer after taste, perfect equilibrio! This year it is like the best of wines and I think it is the best olive oil I have ever tasted. Thanl you for the inspiration! The Villa Magra may have been better in other vintages, but we still think it is very good.”

      “Harvest 2011” – Barcho, Importer from Norway

      “Frantoio Franci has given an outstanding performance, as is shown by its rich range of high quality products.”

      Marco Oreggia, “Flos Olei”, 2011

      “All the labels of Frantoio Franci have a personality and well-defined quality standards for organoleptic and chemical parameters that provide the consumer with the qualitative continuity from year to year.”

      Slow Food, “Guida agli Extravergine”, 2010

      “Another well deserved prize to celebrate the excellence of the Frantoio Franci production. (…) Nine editions of the Guide out of nine, and always at the highest levels; we cannot resist the seduction of the Franci team.”

      Marco Oreggia, “L’Extravergine”, 2009

      “Olivastra Seggianese Franci: an olive oil which reigns higher than others on the magical slopes of Mount Amiata, an oil-maker who has won every prize awardable: an encounter betwen two great personalities … in a tall and slim bottle.”

      “Sapori d’Italia”, December 2008/ January 2009

      “This year again the Franci family have done an incredible job, and, by selecting and separating both the variety and the harvest, they offer three characteristic selections, different but linked by an exciting Tuscan matrix of the highest quality.”

      Bibenda “L’Olio”, 2008

      “Frantoio Franci is now half a century old. Fifty years of endeavour, research, study and experience, and, evidently, of the right choices. Only imcredibly high level labels, with peaks of the clearest excellence.”

      Franco Maria Ricci, “Il Tempo”, October 26th 2008

      “This year has confronted us with a variety of problems, and the team headed by Giorgio Franci has mastered all the necessary determination and skill to face adversities, and, once again, has presented us with an incredible selection. In their case, if there has been a failing, it has been only in quantity and certainly not in the quality.”

      Slow Food, “Guida agli Extravergine”, 2008

      “ … he rolled up his sleeves and started the less comfortable life of the oil-maker. And he has been so good as to create a miracle: producing a multi-awarded oil that, on the market, is worth as much as a bottle of Bordeaux.”

      “Sommelier Toscana”, December 2007

      “Der Feinschmeker graduates Villa Magra the best extra virgin in the world.”

      “Terre del Vino”, July-August 2006

      “Extra virgin from Frantoio Franci in Montenero d’Orcia is by far the highest quality product of the olive oil production, on the basis of prizes awarded by expert guides and professional organisations.”

      “Gambero Rosso”, July 2005

      “Oils and guides. Three books celebrate the virtues of the best Italian producers. Marche and Sicily runners-up to the winner Frantoio Franci.”

      “Milano Finanza”, May 7th 2005

      “The Oil Masters awarded their prize to the oil from Montenero d’Orcia. Frantoio Franci is the only firm in the world to have won the “Leone d’Oro” three times in a row.”

      “I Grandi Vini”, May – June 2005

      Gemini is born, half-Tuscan and half-Sicilian, a wondrous oil.”

      “Il Tirreno”, January 4th 2004

      “Gemini is a very special oil that bears, in its name and body, a double soul.”

      “Sommelier & Gourmet”, October 2004

      “They started collecting awards in 1999 and haven’t stopped yet. Today, Frantoio Franci of Montenero d’Orcia has become the symbol of quality olive oil production.”

      “Il Sole 24 Ore”, December 2004


      “One hundred bottles of oil for one hundred great Bordeaux…”

      “Il Chianti e le Terre del Vino”, December 2003

      “ The note of cut grass is always well present, but also that of thistle and almond, followed by a small feeling of tuber and nettle in the olfactory finale, which however shows small signs of collapse. The wonderful balance between bitter and spicy characterizes the tasting profile. Bitter and spicy are indeed those characteristics typical of fresh, good, green oils. On the palate, however, the notes of radicchio and rucola emerge and then finish with the classic almond. What are we talking about? Of Villa Magra Grand Cru, Monocultivar of Frantoio by Giorgio Franci … 2011 collection!!! Emotions have no expiry date.”

      Indra Galbo, Gambero Rosso

      “The Jewels of the Frantoio Franci shine on in “the three French stars”: Villa Magra Grand Cru and Gemini are the two undisputed champions of the world’s most famous kitchen.”

      “Sapori e Piaceri”

      “He compared his oils not to the products of other Tuscan olive growers but to Cheval Blanc and Haut Brion in Bordeaux… We frankly didn’t know what to think of this ultra-confident young man… When we began tasting, all our doubts soon disappeared. His oils had a purity and complexity that surpassed the finest Tuscan oils we had ever tasted.”

      Emanuel Berk, “The Rare Wine Co”

      “ … all your oils are extremely clean and fresh. The differences between Fiore del Frantoio and Villa Magra Grand Cru lie simply in their structure and complexity.”

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