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      Delicate Monocultivar Maurino

      DELM 1200X630
      • Extra Virgin Olive Oil: “Delicate Monocultivar Maurino”
      • Harvest year: 2021
      • Cultivar: Maurino 100%
      • Harvest system: manual with facilitators
      • Harvest time: mainly in the months of October and November
      • Extraction system: Franci Oil-mill, modern continuous system
      • Appearance: clear and filtered
      • Density: medium fluidity
      • Colour: golden yellow with green hints
      • Fragrance: Light fruity, delicate, scent of fresh vegetable notes reminiscent of tomato leaf and the heart of the artichoke.
      • Taste: Fresh and vegetable flavor, with mild but persistent bitter and spicy.
      • Use: Excellent raw on salads, Caprese in particular, fresh cheeses, medium- flavored fish, red pizza.
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