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      COR 1200X630

      Coratina becomes part of the Frantoio Franci Cru in 2020.
      It is a monocultivar extra virgin olive oil of Coratina, the interpretation by Frantoio Franci of this variety to offer an oil that expresses its uniqueness and especially the elegance. Surprising spiciness and bitterness.

      • Extra Virgin Olive Oil:”Coratina”
      • Harvest year: 2022
      • Cultivar:  Coratina 100%
      • Harvest system: manual with facilitators
      • Harvest time: mainly in the months of October and November
      • Extraction system: Franci Oil-mill, modern continuous system
      • Appearance: clear and filtered
      • Density: medium fluidity
      • Colour: golden yellow
      • Fragrance: decisive, enveloping, a penetrating herbaceous with rich notes of artichoke and  chicory.
      • Taste: It presents itself with a powerful, elegant taste. Complex with well-defined bitter and spicy notes of long persistence and good harmony.
      • Use: Raw, it perfectly pairs  porcini mushrooms, lentils, beans, chickpeas and vegetable soups in general; on red meats and medium-aged cheese.



      Harvest 2019

      • Gran Mention, monocultivar category, Coratina, Sol d’Oro Northern Hemisphere International Competition


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