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      “Villa Magra Grand Cru” extra virgin olive oil ice-cream   on Spicy Tomato Cream

       Wafer bread, extra virgin olive oil “Villa Magra Grand Cru”, Chili Pepper Flavour, withered Tomatoes and Crispy Basil
      Ingredients for 4 persons

       For the ice cream: 260 gr. of low-fat yogurt, 100 gr. of Extra virgin olive oil “Villa Magra Grand Cru”, 115 gr. of Sugar syrup 32° Baumé

      For the preparation: 600 gr. of sauce tomatoes, 1 garlic, 1/2 kg of natural leavening bread, 50 gr. of salt crystal from Trapani, 5 gr. of dried chili peppers, 10 gr. of sugar


      Ice-cream: whirl with an immersion mixer all the ingredients and put them in the ice-cream maker.

       Preparation: wither the tomatoes without seeds in the oven at 130° C. for one hour, flavored with salt, sugar and “Villa Magra Grand Cru” extra virgin olive oil. When cold, peel and sieve them. The purée obtained will be the base of our preparation. Spray the bread of water, enfold it with a film and let it rest in the fridge for two hours. Then prepare some very thin slices and toast them in the oven with extra virgin olive oil “Villa Magra Grand Cru” and salt for four minutes at 180° C.

      On dish: put the tomato purée as a base, then put over a little ball of extra virgin olive oil “Villa Magra Grand Cru” ice-cream, crystals salt on the tomatoes open surface, the crispy basil, the wafer bread slightly rubbed with raw garlic and finish with finely whirled chili pepper and sugar on the edge of the dish and a “turn” of raw “Villa Magra Grand Cru”.

      Matia Barciulli, Chef  from Osteria di Passignano




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