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      Extra Virgin Olive Oil:”Moraiolo” Harvest year: 2021 Cultivar: Moraiolo 100% Harvest system: manual with facilitators Harvest time: approximately during the second decade of October, before November Extraction system: Frantoio Franci, modern continuous system Appearance: clear and filtered Density:…

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      “Villa Magra Grand Cru” extra virgin olive oil ice-cream   on Spicy Tomato Cream  Wafer bread, extra virgin olive oil “Villa Magra Grand Cru”, Chili Pepper Flavour, withered Tomatoes and Crispy Basil Ingredients for 4 persons  For the…

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      Fresh Marinated Tuna with Red Onions Salad and Beans

      Ingredients: x 4 people Tuna                             gr.     600 Fresh Oregano           n°      1 bunch Shallot                         n°      1 Beans                           gr.     300 Red Onions                 n°      2 White Vinegar            dl.      1 Salad Preparation : Cut…

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