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      • Extra Virgin Olive Oil: “Delicate”
      • Harvest system: manual with facilitators
      • Harvest time: mainly in the months of October and November
      • Extraction system: Franci Oil-mill, modern continuous system
      • Appearance: clear and filtered
      • Density: medium fluidity
      • Colour: golden yellow with green hints
      • Fragrance: Light fruity, delicate and aromatic, with elegant notes of artichoke, herbs and almond.
      • Taste: its taste is rich and full, with tones of celery, artichoke, thistle and final sweet almond. Moderate bitterness and spiciness.
      • Use: Ideally drizzled on all fish dishes, such as appetizers, fish carpaccio, seafood salads, marinades, roasted or grilled fish, soups, shellfish. Excellent on raw ovoli mushrooms and fresh cheese. Also ideal to prepare mayonnaise and baking products.



      • “Leone d’Oro” Honorable Mention – Light Fruity Category – Delicate, Milano – LEONE d’ORO International Competition 2017